Experience – CASSCO Inc. (Mobile Mega Ramp Project)

I worked for CASSCO for about 8 years.  CASSCO was a construction company that specialized in the installation of warehouse material handling equipment.  This includes: pallet rack, shelving, mezzanines, wire guidance systems, modular buildings, conveyor systems, and freight elevators.

With CASSCO, I managed crews of up to 6 workers on job sites.  I was also the Lead Designer for the Mobile Mega Ramp Project  for Thrillbilly’s Rodeo and Stunt Festival.  The project was to make a portable ramp for BMX riders with the Thrillbilly Rodeo and Stunt Festival.

The Mega Ramp was made to perform the following functions:

  • Be at least 30 feet tall at assembled height
  • All major components must be able to fit onto a trailer in order to be hauled to events all over the western US
  • The trailer and everything on it must be within legal hauling dimensions
  • The ramp should include an intermediate height of about 15’ for amateur riders
  • The ramp must be assembled or dissembled on-site in various locations with only a few hours, a couple of men, and little to no tools.

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