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Art of Steel is a small company that I started in 2015.  It is a sole-proprietorship registered in the state of Utah.

I make and sell artwork on sheet metal that I make using 2 different basic methods:

  1. Raster Method:  This is a process that I developed myself, and as far as I know, I am the only person in the world to use it.  I spray paint sheet metal with different layers of color and then use a laser engraver to burn an image into the paint.  In the “burnt” areas, most of the paint is vaporized, but some of the pigments are left behind, tinting the metal.  For more information, watch this video.
  2. Stenciled Method:  I design stencils in CorelDRAW and cut them from card-stock using a laser engraver.  The stencils are then used to spray paint the stenciled shapes onto sheet metal.  By layering multiple stencils, I am able to create a multi-color painting on the sheet metal.

In addition to making and selling paintings on sheet metal, I also make cork coaster sets, and design and manufacture wooden model kits.

At Art of Steel, in addition to the 1200+ online orders completed, I also do contracted work with the following companies/ entities.

  • Fiber Nation Laser and Fabrication – Salt Lake City, UT
  • Starlight Mountain Theater – Garden Valley, ID
  • Empress Theater – Magna, UT
  • Rundle Elementary School – Las Vegas, NV
  • ELITE Warehouse Supply – Draper, UT

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